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Caring for your Sterling Silver Jewellery

The Tiny Tree Frog Jewellery - Blog Post - Caring for your Sterling Silver Jewellery - Silver Dandelion Necklace

Caring for your Sterling Silver Jewellery

Generally speaking, the rules for the daily care, maintenance and storage of your sterling silver jewellery are pretty much the same as for gold filled jewellery. However, sterling is a little more forgiving of mistakes than gold filled and little mishaps here and there are unlikely to be quite so catastrophic.

So, as with gold filled jewellery, regular cleaning and proper storage are important and pretty much the same rules apply.

Sterling silver will tend to tarnish quicker than gold filled, however, thankfully, it’s much easier to clean. If you notice your sterling silver is looking a bit tired and dull or it starts to blacken, it’s time to reach for the silver polish!

The simplest way to clean your sterling silver jewellery is with either a silver polishing cloth (here in my studio, I love Town Talk cloths or Sunshine Cloths) or, for a deeper clean, a sterling silver liquid cleaner. Polishing cloths are super soft cloths which already contain a polishing compound specifically created for cleaning silver jewellery.

If you’re using a silver polishing cloth, the same rules apply as with gold filled jewellery. Only use the cloth when the jewellery is in need of a little extra TLC and don’t rub too hard; a firm but gentle wipe over should be enough.You’ll know the cloth is working when you see it start to turn black. That’s not dirt or tarnish from the jewellery, it’s simply the polishing compound working!

If you have a more intricate piece of jewellery that’s in need of a proper clean (such as chains etc which are hard to get properly clean with a cloth), it’s time to use a liquid cleaner. Be sure to use one that states it is compatible with sterling silver jewellery and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

The Tiny Tree Frog Jewellery - Blog Post - Caring for your Sterling Silver Jewellery - Amethyst Gemstone Bar Necklace

IMPORTANT NOTE: Jewellery pieces containing gemstones and/or freshwater pearls should be cleaned with great care. While it’s usually fine to use the polishing cloths on such pieces and only brush over the gems or pearls once or twice, you should never clean gemstone or real pearl jewellery with liquid or cream cleaners without first checking compatibility very carefully. These cleaners can permanently damage some gemstones and pretty much all pearls will be ruined.

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